Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pet Squirrel...

Elder Haslam and I were out knocking doors and it was dark and late so we were carrying a lantern.  We were heading back to our bikes to head home for the night when a lady pulls up and thanks us for carrying a light because nobody walking the streets at night in that neighborhood would carry a light. She then invited us to come over to her house and see her pet squirrel which she apparently rescued from the mouth of a cat, we quickly agreed for two reasons.  #1- we don't get too many of those invitations, #2- We get to see a pet squirrel...how could we lose?  So we head over and we try teaching her but unfortunately she wasn't interested at all, but we did get some good pictures out of it.  Oh, and the squirrel peed on Elder Haslam so I guess that's one way you can lose, but what can you do?

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