Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pembroke, NC...

My new comp, Elder Tyler
My two boys
Elder Tyler and Elder Haslam

Hi Family,

My new comp is a greenie, named Elder Tyler and he is from good ole Provo, he went to Timpview High School.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at the bishop's house.  So, apparently the last elders were pretty disobedient and didn't get a whole lot of anything done and the Bishop was pretty upset with them.  The previous elders left no map, no area book, no ward roster , no miles on our car, no teaching pool, and a sink full of dishes to do.  Let's just say I was very unimpressed with them as well.  It will be tough work to build up member trust, but we will keep at it slowly but surely.

As District Leader, I conduct and instruct at district meetings, instruct in zone trainings, go on exchanges with the elders in the district to make sure they are doing well, and deal with key indicators or number of lessons and new investigators and the like.  The District includes two sisters and another set of elders, so it's small.

My apartment, well, honestly it's very bad, it's the worst one I have had and Elder Tyler and I both walked in and just felt depressed being there.  We will rededicate it and hope that changes the atmosphere.

Did you find anyone this week?  Yes, we found a lot.

Funny Story:  Elder Tyler physically cannot say the word hippopotamus.

What are your plans to celebrate Hump Day?  That is yet to be decided, official Hump Day will be December 4th since my mission will be 2 years and 4 days long.

Love ya,

Elder Shields

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