Monday, October 16, 2017

Veronica's Baptism...

Things are still goin' well over here. we had a supa elect person we found on base and he is getting transferred to California so that was disappointing, but we passed on the referral to the elders in Cali and they should get an easy baptism from it.  He isn't going to Camp Pendleton in Matt's mission, it is the Redland Mission.

Haha fun story, the j3 elders got robbed at gunpoint so we had to help them get police reports and such figured out and they had to go identify the guy in the middle of the night. It was pretty crazy.

Here are some of the pics from the baptism; turns out Friday the 13th is lucky after all! We had a nice service.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Military Base Sacrament Services...

Hey Fam!

Friday the 13th veronica will be getting baptized! We're excited for it.

We go to the military base and do sacrament services there on Sundays, there were some nonmembers who came who are really interested so we have started teaching them. We've been having lots of success working with the part memeber families around here.  The sound lead to more baptisms in the future!

Love yall!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ospreys and Cobras...

Hey Fam,

This week went well, went on exchange with President James and had a grand ole time. Not much new this week, continuing to find and Veronica should be good for her baptism on the 13th. We should hopefully be getting more people on date soon. Here are some pics of us on the flight line. We also got to get in Ospreys and Cobras!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Focused on Missionary Work...

Hey, this week went well! Veronica and her family came to church and is progressing well toward her date.  The  bishop came on splits with us and we had a great time with him, he is very focused on missionary work and improving it, which is awesome to see.  Since this is a military ward there are tons of prospective elders who their parents transfer their records in but they don't want to come to church. Like 226 of them, so we are working on contacting them and getting them active then baptizing their friends; that's our goal. We are going to the beach for p-day today and going to the flight deck for Lejeune so that will be a good time! I will send pics love y'all!

Classic North Carolina done car...they are everywhere here.

Monday, September 18, 2017

I Love Jacksonville...

Hey Fam!

This week was great I love Jacksonville.  It's a military town so there are lots of young marines here that we teach, My companion is Elder Baird, he is from Fremont, Utah, he loves basketball and is a sporty guy overall. We've served around each other before and we get along great he is a solid missionary. We had a killer week this last week found lots of solid people; the ones we put on date are, Veronica and Bruce. Veronica's husband is a convert but lost touch with the church two years ago, we found them street contacting, she will be getting baptized on October 13th, her husbands birthday. When went to teach them the second time their uncle was there and we challenged him to be baptized the same day. I will let you know about everyone else as they progress. There are lots of part member families that we will be working with as well.

We have a pretty big district, two senior couples, the Browns and the Scotts, Elder Hancock (who was my comp in the chapel Hill area when we found Al), and Elder Larsen who are in Wallace.  Other Elders are Fraughton and Whitmer.  The Sisters are Sisters Smith, George, Weaver and Coburn.

Love y'all and hope things are going well.

Elder Shields

Elder Baird and Elder Shields

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Al got baptized...

Well, this was another great week, I have tons of pictures for y'all to make up for the lack of pictures I've sent.  Do y'all remember Al, way back in the Chapel Hill days?  He just got Baptized!  There is a picture attached with the current missionaries who baptized him up in Chapel Hill.  Also some investigators we found in Fuquary and taught a bit, but referred over the the Spanish missionaries will be getting baptized this coming week so, over all, things have been going super well.  I'm getting transferred to Jacksonville 2nd Ward and I am so excited, I will be moving from ZL to DL, but I'm so excited for this assignment.  President told me Jacksonville used to be the highest baptizing district in the mission and it hit the poops recently, but he asked me to put it back on top, so I am really excited for this opportunity.  This will be my last area and it will be a great place to die.

Love y'all and hope things are well at home!

Hey Mom,

Things have been going super well, I sent out the group email, but to answer some of your questions, being ZL was great, it was so awesome to boast a bit about the Tri Lake Zone.  While we were there we moved from last place in baptisms to second.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Last Night in Fuquay-Varina...

"We said goodbye to Elder Shields last night.  So sad!!!  He's an awesome missionary and we will miss him!  We wish him the best with his next area on his mission.
-J Olsen

Jake and the Olsen's

Last night in Fuquay-Varina