Monday, November 14, 2016

Church Swapping...

Hey Family,

So this week we ended up going to two Baptist related activities.  We went to a Baptist bible study and a Shout Out and they gave us a $25 BP gas gift card.  Then we went to the Summit Church, which is a super church with multiple campuses.  One of our investigators made a deal with us that if we came to his church, he would come to ours.  So, he will be coming to church next week.  It was amazing to see the contrast between the spirit felt in each of those meetings.

Funny thing that happened this week:  Our neighbors were having a party and there was definitely alcohol involved and the next morning when we were going to church, Elder Hallam's bike had been puked on.  Haha, luckily it was only on the tire, but it was still gross.  Things have been going pretty well here, it is likely I will be leaving to a new area though.  Elder Hallam is guessing Fayetteville, I am guessing Apex or back to Wilmington zone, but we shall see.  Anyways, the letter should be there soon, I'm actually surprised it's not already there so it should be there today or Tuesday.  Love y'all and hope everything goes well this week!

Elder Shields

Hey Dad,

I am excited to be looking for the moonrise today.  We will be at a dinner with the Kidd Family so I will be sure to let them know what's going on.  The beauty of earth amazes me, but I am even more impressed with the vastness of space and the complexity of black holes, wormholes, gamma bursts and the like.  It will be fun to learn the importance of the roles that the other planets in our solar system play in the grand scheme of things.  It doesn't make sense to me when someone looks through a telescope and sees the complexity of the cosmos and then claims there is no God, the very function of life itself, the odds of it just working our are astronomical.  But, anyways, it's good to hear that everyone is doing well.

2nd Nephi 9 is one of my favorites.  There is a very intellectual Catholic man we are teaching that asked for the most significant chapters in the Book of Mormon to read, and the ones that I gave him were:

2 Nephi 2
2 Nephi 9
Mosiah 2-5
Alma 32
Alma 34
Alma 40
3 Nephi 11
Moroni 7
Moroni 10

I think that is all I gave him, he's been reading and wants to meet again, his sons are friends with members so hopefully all will work out.  Warren will do a great job with being Young Men's President, that will be a good time!

Love ya Dad!

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