Monday, October 24, 2016

Finishing the Book of Mormon...

Hi Family,

So, what are Matt's plans for his mission, after high school or a year of college?  I bet he leaves right out of high school.  anyways, things have been good here.  Elder Haslam and I have been doing very well.  Our investigators are doing alright, it is likely that our investigator "R" will be baptized, "BB" got antied so he doesn't want to meet anymore.  Everyone else has been difficult to catch up with but we've been able to find pretty consistently, but I am doing well.  I would say the biggest thing for me is that I'm beginning to understand what God expects of me, with regards to the mission and in life in general, and it's been amazing to see.

I've been going an in depth study of the book of Mormon that I will be finishing tomorrow.  I only have Moroni, Chapter 10 left so I am excited to finish.  Things have been going well!

So, in the package please NOT a lot of candy, I'm trying to do away with the candy, but some yummy snacks that I can take around from day to day, and you can try lots of interesting things.

Love ya!

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