Monday, October 17, 2016

Faith is so important...

All we needed was a yellow sweater...$1.50 at the nearest thrift store.

Hey Family,

So this morning by accident Elder Haslam wore a green sweater, Elder Jensen wore a blue sweater and Elder Carter wore a red one, and I didn't wear mine, but looking around we said, "All we need is a yellow sweater and we will look great!"  So, we went and got me a yellow sweater for $1.50 at the nearest thrift store and we look fabulous!

This last week was good, we found five new investigators, none of the people we are teaching were able to meet with us this week so we buckled down and went finding, here is the list of all the people we are teaching:

"A" is a muslim and will convert if we can prove the Book of Mormon is better than the Koran, he is on a search for the true religion, he knows there is only one, and Islam is the best he has found.

"B"- Y'all know him, he is an older gentleman with Muscular Dystrophy.  We will be going and seeing him today, he has been reading but is having a hard time giving up his tea.

"R" is from Guyana and believes in everything we do.  He just doesn't think he needs to be baptized again.

"R" is a Bible referral, she ordered a Bible because she has a Book of Mormon and wanted to understand it better so she got a Bible, crazy right.  She is in her sixties.

"M" is a man in his early thirties, we found him and tought him this week, he has a baptismal date for the 19th of November.  Lives with his girlfriend so we will have to work through that.

There are others but lots of investigators we pick up then drop pretty quickly afterwards, but when they start progressing I will let you know about them!

What I love most about the gospel is that we can't know everything in this life, the searching in this life will never end even if we try our hardest, and those who do try extra hard, it will rise with them. There was one man we talked to and he has zero faith, and it was so awful to see, he was a good man, very kind and intelligent but he was asking us about how we could have blind faith, the analogy he used is you can't have faith in God because there is no evidence.  We can have faith in flight because it may seem unbelievable that a 200 ton metal box can fly but we can see the evidence.  We told him that just as with flight we see the evidence after the trial of faith.  You don't know you fly until you go barreling down a runway at 200 miles per hour.  You have to exercise your faith.  He just couldn't accept what we were saying.  I can honestly say my soul pained for him.  Just from the things he was saying I know even if he saw God he wouldn't believe it.  Faith is so important.

Elder Shields

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