Monday, August 8, 2016

Miracles Wrought...

Elders of the District
Hall, Shields, Deveraux and Hancock
Hi All,

I finally got my debit card and my camera!  Yay!

I need some new shirts, a couple short sleeve and one long.  Size 15x32 please.

The fast went great yesterday.  We had a super awesome member family feed us for the dinner that we broke the fast and we had our investigator Neil at church on Sunday!  Also, a less active we have been working with, Brother Howell, came to church, there were miracles wrought.

I wish I could have been there at the dance class, haha, I would have loved to see that, it sounds like it was a great time.

Elder Hancock and I are getting along just fine, there is always some adjustment when you get a new companion.

Investigator Update:  No new investigators but we had one investigator come to church, Neil.  We challenged him to church on the doorstep and had a member come pick him up and he came!  It was great!  He told every one there he will be coming next week!

I have only been invited to dinner one time this week.  The members aren't as good at feeding us here, but they are great with missionary work and helping us out.

Funny Experience:  We are teaching a crazy funny African American lady who is so stereotypical.  She's hilarious!

Scripture for the week:
3 Nephi 27:14-15
"And my Father sent me that I might be lifted up upon the cross; and after that I had been lifted up upon the cross, that I might draw all men unto me, that as I have been lifted up by men even so should men be lifted up by the Father, to stand before me, to be judged of their works, whethter they be good or whether they be evil.
And for this cause have I been lifted up; therefore, according to the power of the Father I will draw all men unto me, that they may be judged according to their works."

Hope Y'all have a great week,
Elder Shields

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