Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The 1st Epistle of Jacob...

The First Epistle of Jacob to The President Shields:

Jacob, a Missionary of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master, yea, even our Savior.  I write unto you at this time concerning the ministry of Elder Shields, a servant of our Lord and his brother, yea, even his fellow Elder, Elder Hampton.

And, lo, they did go forth among the children of men in the land of Southport.  And they cried repentance unto this people all the day long, yea, even until the hour of nine p.m.  Yea, they did voice this message unto this people everyday, even until this late hour.

And lo and behold the people of Southport were angry with them, and they sayest unto them,"Why doth thou come unto this people, know ye not that this people is already a righteous people?  Yea, the Lord hath already saved us in our sins."

And behold Elder Hampton spake unto them saying, "Oh ye wicked and perverse generation, ye have forsaken thy Lord and Savior, ye go about continuing in your sins."  And Elder Shields spake unto them saying, "Yea, this thing of which Elder Hampton spake is an abomination in the sight of the Lord.  Know ye not that ye must not continue and live in your sins?"

Now when they said these things they we're angry with them.  And they cast them out of their presence.  But, lo, there were a few who believed on their words, and they journeyed out with them and were baptized.

HAHA, sorry I just wanted to do something fun and different.  So, my new comp, Elder Hampton is a great missionary, we get along great and we work and teach well together.  He was a debate guy in High School. I have been very fortunate and blessed with the people who I have been working with.

Our investigators:

We have one who has almost finished reading the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church but always bails at the last minute.

We also have one who has still quit smoking and has read the whole standard works and the Book of Mormon three times and began reading for the fourth time.  His wife does not want him to pay tithing, so that is what is holding him up.  He wants to get baptized.

We have two younger kids that we met.  We have mega trust with them, they think we are amazing.  Their guardian loves us because one of them hasn't accepted Jesus yet, and she wants us to get her there.

We are also teaching a young couple.  Very, very nice people, but not taking the lessons for the right reasons, we will try to change that!

One spiritual experience we had this week was when we were not going to go over to someones house but I had the impression that we needed to go over, and turns out their grandparents that they were close to passed away so we were able to share a little bit of the plan of salvation with them, and they were very interested in hearing more.

I love teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the restoration.  I don't always feel comfortable, I'm still getting there and working on it , but I am improving.

love to all,
Elder Shields

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