Monday, February 8, 2016

Keeping the faith...

Southport Library…This is where we get/send email
Hi Family,

We found a new guy to teach, he is paralyzed from the middle of his back down, very humble guy, he was a professional fisherman before but his accident ended that.  He's excited to keep meeting with us.  We found him when we were going to teach one of our other investigators (we were on the verge of dropping him) and he introduced us to his friend.  It was a friendly reminder not to be so willing to give up on someone.

It's very hard to keep investigators and to get them to keep any big commitments.  No one seems to be very motivated at all here.  They are either old and set in their ways, or on disability, relying on the government to take care of them so they don't have to do anything.  But not losing faith :).  It's just frustrating and sad to see some of the states that these people are in.

Just a couple of the funny situations that Elder Hampton has experienced on the mission are that he found one of his investigators dead in his apartment, and he got totally cussed out by a guy who was gay.

One funny thing that i experienced was when we were out tracting and there was a guy who answered who was so high, we asked him if he knew about the Book of Mormon and he said "Yeah, I know a little, but don't ever read the Quran, the book is evil, that's why some people are so messed up.  Not long ago Thomas Jefferson sent over a handful of marines to go kill them all."  Then he proceeded to rant about how his neighbor is a (bad word) because he shot her dog and he lost his job because of it.  Needless to say the guy was nuts, we run into quite a few crazies out here.  I like it though! haha

The weather has been beautiful here except yesterday it rained.

When we are at our apartment we mostly eat various panini's and leftover whatever we have gotten from members and pancakes.

Elder Shields

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