Monday, December 14, 2015

And he's off…

Pic snapped in the Atlanta airport by a family friend (Russ Ence) who was on his flight.
We waited patiently in bed this morning for our airport phone call from Elder Shields.  At 6:17 a.m. we were eager to answer the phone.  Jake was at first emotional upon hearing the sounds of home, but quickly recovered and was happy, excited and eager to get to North Carolina.  We were able to patch in Sarah and Maddie, while Paul, Matt and I piled on our bed to chat with Jake.  All were able to send their love and best wishes.  Jake was sweet to let the other missionaries use the phone first so our call was short with the hope of more time during his Atlanta connection.  Because of a crazy snow storm and a delayed departure there was no Atlanta phone call.  But…we did have a text exchange with our friend Russ Ence who was on the flight with Jake.  Here is our exchange:

Russ:  So- I'm on a flight to Atlanta this morning.  Sitting in my seat awaiting take-off.  When suddenly, a procession of about 25  missionaries comes down the aisle.  A good looking "Elder Shields" among them!  We chatted for about a minute while he was stalled in the aisle.  He looks great.  Happy.  Ready to go!  Just thought you might like to know.  Tell "Mom" all is well.  I'll try to catch him for moment in ATL.

Sandi:  This is Sandi, I happened to have Paul's phone.  I am so jealous.  Thank you so much for the text!

Russ:   Jacob has a great smile!

Sandi:  It is my favorite, he lights up, with his missionary spirit, I can only imagine.

Russ:  I'm going to go ahead and wire the Atlanta airport to get the font ready.  No doubt there will be  someone from the back of the plane ready for baptism by the time we land (ha, ha)!

Sandi:  Ha, ha, a pic is coming soon, right?!

Russ:  Maybe a pic in Atlanta- deicing now.

Russ:  I snapped this picture.  He may not have time to call he said.  They're off to catch a connection.

Look out North Carolina, Elder Shields is on his way!  Can't wait to talk to him on Christmas!

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