Monday, March 28, 2016

Brownie and a Qtip...

Me with Elder Hampton at the beach in
Southport after a zone activity
So this area (Raleigh) has been pretty slow overall, but that is how the South is in general, unfortunately.  J. Golden Kimball once said the easiest way to get baptisms in the South, is to burn it down and do baptisms for the dead.  Fortunately, that's not what we are resorting to, but I can see why he said that. Still working hard though :)  So, Elder Searle got transferred to Durham, so it is just me and Elder Norris now.  It was fun being in the trio for a little bit though :)

We came into the area with pretty much no investigators to teach so we have been trying to find a lot. Easter was good, we had a little Easter program with the choir and they did a good job.  Other than that we went contacting a few hours and didn't find anyone interested.  

Elder Norris had his hump day so me and Elder Searle got a brownie and stuck a Qtip in it and lit it on fire for him, so that was fun.

Thanks for the Easter package!  It was so good!

That's how this week went.  I love ya and i can't wait to see all y'al on Mother's Day.

Love, elder Shields

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