Thursday, January 28, 2016


District Meeting 
The flowers are because Elder Gardner is dying (going home).


It went great with our two new families and we now have a total of six families that we will be teaching!  The work boomed this last week and we found lots of new investigators.  Also, one of our guys quit smoking last week and is still off so he will hopefully be baptized soon.  We are so blessed.  It really feels like the miracle of the week was finding all of these families.  They all have jobs and are hard working good people.  They all will make good investigators.

This week is transfers and Elder Dudley is going Zone Leader in Wilmington, (he will be my zone leader) and I will be taking over Southport.  Elder Dudley left really big shoes to fill so I am pretty nervous about it.  Pray for me!  My new companion will be Elder Hampton.

I love our district; half of it is leaving this transfer, but they're good, we all get along well.

The storm (Jonas) didn't affect us too much, lots of rain, but we tracked until 9 nonetheless.

That is so awesome that James Bekker will be the new second councilor in the 1st ward!  He will do such a great job, tell him I say congrats!  And not to mess up.

People are going crazy about the Carolina Panthers being in the Super Bowl, it is all anyone talks about at church!

Sorry to hear about Jane's finger, tell her that the booboo will heal and that I got an ouchie on my finger too when I was little and that it will all be OK.

Elder Shields

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