Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Southport, North Carolina
Hey Family,

I got the New Year's package that you sent, all the poppers popped in the package on the way over, but other than that it was great!  We also got the pizza!  It was so fun, it made our New Years, it was great pizza and we ate it all!

We are still working with "M".  It was going really well, but now we can't get a hold of her and she's not home.  She has been struggling with lots of things, but when she meets with us she does a lot better, she just needs to keep meeting with us and make the connection that it's the Spirit that's been helping her.

We also have high hopes with another investigator that we have been working with. "H."  She is the referral from the senior couple in our area.

One thing that's been going on with me is I realize how little I know about this gospel, and there is so much to learn about it and so little time.  I could study everything about a simple topic in the scriptures for years and still not know everything.

I looked at the blog and it looks great, I will try to send more pics, but the pics are more megapixels than the church email will send, or something like that.  I will work on that and hopefully I will be able to send a bunch next week.

I am doing good, just a little stressed about a talk I have to give this Sunday, but other than that I'm doing OK!

I love you, and hope you have a great week!

Elder Shields

PS  Gum is against mission rules :/  I love that you send it and are thinking of me, but I can't chew it :/

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