Monday, September 19, 2016

Full week of dinners!

Elder Haslam and I 
(The scrapes on my face are from a wrestling match.)

Hi Family,

Well, "A's" baptism was canceled, it was causing contention in the home.  We are seeking advice from President James on what to do.  Baptism is essential, but we don't want to ruin a marriage either. We are holding off until we can receive more counsel.

Investigators:  We are teaching a practicing Jew who is very smart and just an all round great person, and "K", who when we contacted her recognized that the bible talks of one true church and it is a matter of trying to find it, she is solid.

Our spider's name is Bert.  No word on the bikes, we forgot to bring the lock, so they weren't locked up.  You don't need to do anything, we will just borrow mission bikes until further notice.

This ward is great, we had a full week of dinners!

love y'all,
Elder Jake

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