Monday, April 18, 2016

Pizza and a Phone Call...

One way to talk to your son.
Got a letter from Jake this week that didn't really say too much and thought he was feeling a little down, so we ordered up Dominos for him.  The delivery time was set for 9:30, and at 9:31 I received a phone call from the delivery guy saying that no one was home.  He agreed to wait for five minutes.  Five minutes later, still no Jake.  I kept him on the phone for a bit, hoping Jake would show up.  It worked!  Jake showed up and I asked the delivery guy to just verify it was Jake Shields.  He asked, "Are you Jake Shields?" Jake responded, "Yeah."  The delivery guy then handed Jake the phone and said, "Here, your Mom wants to talk to you!"

It was not a lie.  I did want to talk to him, but I never would have asked.  But hey, who am I to turn a tender mercy away?  Jake had just returned from a lesson that had just come up during the day.  He was upbeat and excited about the prospects of this new investigator.  It did my mother's heart good to hear his upbeat voice after a letter that indicated otherwise.  Bon Appetit Jake!

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  1. Lucky!!! I wish I could order pizza for my girl.