Monday, July 31, 2017

Elder Hawks Goes Home...

Elder Hawks goes home tomorrow.  As far as how things have been gong here, we have an investigator named Maddie.   She's in her thirties, we found her tracting, she is friends with a lot of Mormons in Apex.  She's probably our most solid investigator,  We have yet to meet her husband, but we met all of her kids.  They're a great family.

Andrew, he is a king and ruler...owns several businesses; he asked a Mormon friend for a blessing and he invited us to come and give the blessing.  We talked about the priesthood and what gave us the authority to do this and invited him to take the discussions and he accepted.  My new comp will be Elder McKonkie, yes he is related to Bruce.  He's awesome and I'm super excited to be with him.

Love ya!
Elder Shields


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